Wuhan Shenlong Peugeot 206 total second line

Product Name:Wuhan Shenlong Peugeot 206 total second line

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Product description
1. Welding and welding air connection conveyor line series (roller conveyor line)
2, one-piece welding tongs machine and manual welding tongs machine (more, and more new)
3, spare parts assembly transport upper lift, various fixtures, inspection tools series
4. Rear axle beam press, bearing internal and external press, knuckle bearing press, rear axle assembly line, suspension spring press equipment, etc.
5. Multiple heavy duty professional vacuum cleaners for industrial use, spreaders and electric hoists
6. Spare parts include motor reducer, robotic arm, welding cylinder and die holder, supporter, pressure sensor, photoelectric protection circuit board, and switching control valve.
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