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Educational background:

Number of people to be recruited:

Time of issue:

  • Quality inspector



    1-5 people


    1. Conscientiously implement the various guidelines, policies, norms and standards of the state, local government and the company's technology and quality management, and bear the main responsibility for the quality of construction. 2. Master the project technical quality characteristics, quality objectives, contract quality objectives, formulate measures and plans for project quality control, and organize and implement them. 3. Supervise and urge the team to do a good job in self-inspection and mutual inspection. They are responsible for meeting the requirements for the use of testing equipment by the project department, conducting project quality management, and participating in the project project quality assessment. 4. Responsible for the inspection of the main raw materials and equipment, check the quality and use of the finished products, check the test results in time, and record the important disposal situation. 5. Do a good job in collecting, sorting and feedbacking engineering quality information, guiding the recording and finishing of project engineering data, and collecting engineering data. 6. Responsible for supervising the rectification and review of unqualified products.
  • Lathe, milling machine operator



    3-5 people


    1. Being able to independently complete the production tasks assigned by the company; 2, can obey the company's arrangements;
  • Mechanical design technician


    Regular college

    6 people


    1. Independently design mechanical drawings and understand technical data 2, can independently lead the team for on-site technical guidance 3, have good communication skills
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Minghui spirit

Diligence, innovation, integrity, win-win, wholehearted service, and the pursuit of excellence are the company's basic philosophy. "Dedication and excellence" is the company's unchanging tenet. "Being specialized, doing fine, becoming stronger, bigger" is the company's Goal. All employees of the company will make unremitting efforts to achieve this goal.

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