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Product description
The assembly process specification is a process document that specifies the assembly process and operation method of the product or component. It is an important basis for formulating the assembly plan and technical preparation, guiding the assembly work and handling the assembly work. It has a positive effect on ensuring assembly quality, improving assembly production efficiency, reducing costs and reducing labor intensity.
1. Formulate the basic principles and raw materials of the assembly line process
Reasonable arrangement of assembly sequence, minimizing the assembly work of the fitter, shortening the assembly cycle of the assembly line, improving the assembly efficiency, and ensuring the product quality of the assembly line are the basic principles for formulating the assembly line process. The original data for the assembly process is the acceptance technical standard of the product, the production program of the product, and the existing production conditions.
2. Contents of the assembly line process specification
Analyze the assembly line product assembly drawing, divide the assembly unit, determine the assembly sequence and assembly method of each component; determine the assembly technical requirements, inspection methods and inspection tools for each process on the assembly line; select and design the tools required in the assembly process, fixture And special equipment; determine the transportation method and transportation tools of the assembly line assembly; determine the time quota for the assembly line assembly.
3. Steps to develop an assembly line process specification
Firstly, analyze the original data of the assembly line; determine the assembly form of the assembly line; divide the assembly unit; determine the assembly sequence; divide the assembly process; compile the assembly process file; and formulate the product inspection and test specifications.
1. Guarantee product quality; extend product life.
2. Reasonably arrange assembly sequence and process, minimize manual labor, meet assembly cycle requirements, and improve assembly efficiency.
3. Minimize assembly floor space and increase productivity per unit area.
4. Minimize assembly costs. It is installed and tested and tested to make it a qualified product.
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