Shanghai Volkswagen S3000 floor line transformation

Product Name:Shanghai Volkswagen S3000 floor line transformation

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Online and offline is easy to cause consumer confusion
Many homes, including flooring companies, have introduced the O2O model to B2C e-commerce. It is hoped that the two will be mixed to achieve the maximum effect. I don’t know if the two feet are walking.
Some home giants and some merchants on Tmall, although introducing the O2O code, call it online to see the price, offline experience, but in the actual operation you will find that the online operators are for their own benefit, they Will persuade consumers to place orders online, some consumers can not help lobbying, will place orders online, so the rule maker's intention is violated.
Their rhetoric for consumers who think about the offline experience is: online and offline styles are different, online is more favorable; whether the rhetoric is true or false, the feeling for the user is very confusing.
Online promotion leads to conflicts and needs to alleviate vicious competition
In the traditional offline mode, flooring companies have distributors distributed throughout the country, while dealers operate the same brand, but strictly belong to independent individuals. The dealers operate a specialty store in their own area, establish contact with the enterprise on the source of goods, and have certain autonomy in sales. The economic benefits generated by the sales are also directly attributed to the dealers.
For the consumption habits of products such as flooring, consumers tend to prefer physical stores. Therefore, in daily marketing, the vitality of floor online sales does not have a significant impact on dealers. With the success of the “Double Eleven” promotion in recent years, consumers realized that the actual offers available for online purchases have poured into the promotion boom. Online sales are not restricted by geography. Consumers in all regions have abandoned physical stores, and the customer resources of dealers have been seized by enterprises, resulting in direct conflicts of interest.
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