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Company Culture

Changshu Minghui Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.

Diligence, innovation, integrity, and win-win
Product policy:
Practical, advanced, reliable, and not delivering defective products
Service policy:
Professional, fast and efficient
Production policy:
Do not accept defective products, do not produce defective products, do not pass defective products
Quality policy:
Careful design, standardized manufacturing, dedicated service, and excellence
 Minghui Welding



 Minghui Welding


Zhitang Kiln Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province (204 National Road Kiln Town)

 Minghui Welding




Minghui spirit

Diligence, innovation, integrity, win-win, wholehearted service, and the pursuit of excellence are the company's basic philosophy. "Dedication and excellence" is the company's unchanging tenet. "Being specialized, doing fine, becoming stronger, bigger" is the company's Goal. All employees of the company will make unremitting efforts to achieve this goal.

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